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Cannington C of E Primary School

Diocese of Bath & Wells


Ofsted Inspection Date: 8th March 2018
Overall Effectiveness: Good

Summary of findings for parents and pupils:

This is a Good school.

  • This school continues to be good. The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. Recent staffing changes and appointments, especially to the senior leadership team, have been effective in identifying and tackling areas for improvement. You work well with others, including governors, who have a realistic and accurate view of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. Your honest evaluations are enabling you to take the right actions to improve teaching, learning and assessment across the school. In addition, you have made key revisions to how you track pupils’ progress. These enable teachers to have a good understanding of those pupils who need to be targeted for additional support to catch up. Governors also play their part by visiting the school to find out what the quality of teaching and provision is like. They use this information to offer the right support and challenge in helping to secure necessary improvements.​

  • You check the quality of teaching, learning and assessment effectively, taking account of what you see in lessons, pupils’ work books and assessment information. At those times when you identify weaknesses, such as in mathematics previously this year, you respond quickly so that teachers are supported to improve. This ensures that pupils’ learning and their achievement are a high priority. Despite three new appointments this year and some recent disruption caused through unforeseen personal circumstances, you have kept a strong focus on pupils’ achievement to ensure that lessons and learning remain interesting, purposeful and matched to pupils’ needs. Parents and carers strongly endorse the school. In fact, 97% would recommend it to others, and some have contacted Ofsted, making comments which include, ‘Our children feel enthused by activities at school and make good progress. They are challenged and enjoy this. The vibe at the school is good and the values that the school hold are the ones we value as a family.

  • Since the previous inspection, you have concentrated on improving systems to help teachers know which pupils need more support. This is enabling you to hold meaningful discussions with teachers about what pupils need to learn next. For example, target setting and pupil progress meetings are beneficial in raising expectations of what pupils are capable of achieving. You are also using pupils’ prior attainment to check their ‘flight path’, to ensure that pupils are appropriately supported and challenged. However, as we discussed, there are still weaknesses in the quality, detail and robustness of plans for individual pupils to help them to catch up. For example, a Year 2 reading support plan included, ‘To use my phonics knowledge to read and spell phase 3 words.’ This demonstrates that some pupils are still not receiving precise next steps to enable them to make the rapid progress needed in reading, writing and mathematics. ​

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